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You've made the big decision to sell. Now what is your next step? We can help you answer that question.

Many sellers get to this threshold and then become concerned about confidentiality. They do not want the news of their decision to reach their customers, competitors, employees, or creditors. They may feel customers could lose confidence in the business and go elsewhere, competitors might use this opportunity to spread rumors, employees might fear for their future security, and creditors might push for earlier payment. Not all these concerns are necessarily reasonable; however, when selling a business, discretion is definitely the better part of valor. In some cases, the course toward a successful transaction can be severely altered by the lack of confidentiality. Therefore the question is what can you do to protect yourself against this possible situation.

Your first step is to look for expert guidance. When Freeman is involved in the sale, he or she will channel the process to keep the transaction within safely silent bounds. You can expect Freeman & Associates to do the following:

Qualify the Buyer

Screening potential buyers is one of the most important benefits Freeman & Associates can provide for you. Keep in mind that roughly 90 percent of those who respond to business-for-sale ads are either not serious buyers or are not financially qualified. By screening prospects, Freeman will contribute to confidentiality by limiting the exposure of the business to the most promising buyers instead of the merely curious time-wasters.

Prepare a Professional Portfolio on Your Business

The portfolio prepared on your business will be a culmination of your ideas and ours. This portfolio will include a valuation or appraisal of your business. Also, an area profile will follow your business description. There will also be several pictures of your business. These portfolios are prepared in a manner that will create impact and interest.

Use Appropriate Marketing Strategies

How can you advertise a business for sale without spreading the news too far? Freeman & Associates, Inc., as a Marketing & Consulting Firm, is in an ideal position to do just that. We place advertising and listings that contain non-specific description of the business. This 'blind ad' approach can be phrased to attract interest in the business without revealing its name or exact location. These ads will appear in such publications as: Barron’s Weekly, Business Opportunities, Business Week Magazine, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune, Inc., My Business, Southern Living, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Local and regional newspapers, as well as various appropriate trade publications.

Prepare Paperwork Designed to Promote Confidentiality

After screening prospective buyers and assessing the degree of interest and financial qualification, Freeman & Associates will also require prospects to sign a strictly worded confidentiality agreement.

Manage Appropriate Release of Information

Until a purchase-and-sale agreement has been signed between the seller and buyer, we will continue to match your business with potential buyers and release information about the business with evidence of buyer sincerity and trustworthiness