Frequently Asked Questions

For Buyers...

As a buyer, what information will be required?

You will be required to complete a Buyer's Qualification form similar to a credit application and a description of type of business, location and dollar value of your interest.

Are listings current on available business?

Listings are updated on a weekly basis and compiled in a database for each qualified and coded buyer.

How will I be notified if new listings become available?

Buyers are notified each month by mail with new listings.

What will I receive in the way of information on applicable businesses?

Copies of sellerís published portfolios are sent to potential buyers.

For Sellers...

How does Freeman & Associates find buyers?

Freeman & Associates develops a continuous pool of business buyers through advertising in national, international, regional and local newspapers, as well as financial publications, trade journals and/or specialty publications.

Are the buyers current?

Buyers are entered daily into a database in Charlotte, NC on receipt of telephone calls, e-mail, letters and visits to the Web site.

How do I know that the buyers are financially able to purchase my business?

As buyers respond to ads, they are screened and qualified from financial information, and description of type, location and dollar value of their interest.

What is required from me as a seller?

When a potential seller contacts Freeman & Associates a physical inspection of the business is made. In addition you will be required to furnish a business analyst with financials or tax returns, in order to complete a comprehensive business valuation to assure Fair Market Value for the seller and to verify and corroborate the sellerís asking price.

For how long does the listing of my business run?

Freeman & Associates will work with you until the business is withdrawn from the market or the business is sold.